We design

Due to a professional level of the personnel, a wide spectrum of submitted services and accumulated experience, the institute reacts quickly to any market demand, cooperates with the domestic and foreign organizations on designing and construction of projects on a turn-key basis. Flexibility in work which enables to adapt quickly to specific conditions of the Customer is the major feature of the institute.

The institute has powerful software and also is equipped with the newest computer equipment, printing equipment and other modern technical means necessary for designing andmanagement. Technical decisions corresponding both to national and the international standards are taken as the basis of designs.

The latest digital information processing technologies have been implemented starting from field gathering of information, and to 3-dimension computer modeling and analysis of the condition of pipelines and their process facilities (compressor stations, underground gas storages and gas metering and reducing stations).

  • Main gas pipelines, condensate pipelines and petroleum product pipelines;
  • Compressor and pumping stations;
  • Gas measuring stations;
  • Branch gas pipelines and gas distribution stations (GDS);
  • Gas distribution networks for settlements;
  • Automobile gas filling compressor stations (AGFCS);
  • Automobile filling stations (AFS);
  • Underground storages of oil and petroleum products, natural and petroleum gases;
  • Underground storages as mortuaries for man-caused wastes;
  • Sea gas terminals of liquefied petroleum gas;
  • Terminals of liquefied petroleum gas;
  • Terminals for storage oil and petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gases;
  • Facilities of gathering, treatment of oil and gas;
  • Plants and units on liquefaction of natural and petroleum gas;
  • Welfare installations and dwelling houses;
  • Separate objects of industrial and auxiliary assignment (electric power supply, communication, water supply and the sewerage, motor roads, bridges, etc.);
  • Systems of fire protection;
  • Systems of automation, telemetry and operative-dispatcher control of gas transportation systems, industrial installations;
  • Electric power lines, sub-stations and switchgears up to 35Kv., self- contained power stations up to 10Kv., electric lighting of industrial installations and housing and communal objects;
  • Reconstruction and technical re-equipment projects of existing facilities.

    We perform the following services:

  • General projecting functions;
  • Development of schemes for long-term development of the sector and gas supply schemes of selected regions and settlements;
  • Complex technical examination of the existing pipelines, individual buildings and structures corrosion state, and the CP efficiency;
  • Electrometric survey for pipelines and underground metal communications placement;
  • Collecting source data for projecting;
  • Technical supervision of the construction;
  • Adjustment works of the CP means;
  • Author's supervision of construction;
  • Technical inspection of underground pipelines, buildings and structures;
  • Environmental impact assessment;
  • Development of departmental standards of enterprises production engineering;
  • Development of investment projects;
  • Passportization of main gas pipelines, main gas pipelines GIS implementation;
  • Documentation development;
  • Technical and commercial proposals development;
  • Declaring the safety of dangerous oil and gas industry production facilities;
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the accidents risk;
  • Justification of compulsory insurance payments to cover losses from accidents;
  • Development of plans for emergencies localization for projected and operating dangerous production facilities;
  • Conducting an environmental impact assessment (EIA) within Feasibility Study, project, working draft;
  • Engineering and environmental calculations;
  • Full set of research work for capital construction.